Diet Bites|diet mistakes

Are you making these diet and fitness mistakes?

1. Not eating enough–You need to maintain the optimal level of calorie intake or you may end up slowing down your metabolism causing increased weight gain despite your efforts. 1200 calories per day is the minimum recommended intake.

2. Only doing Cardio–Don’t skip the weight room when doing your daily exercise routine. Weight training helps to buid lean muscle which burns more calories than fat.

3.Not eating enough protein–Your body needs protein to build lean muscle skipping the protein will leave your body lacking and you won’t be able to tone.

4. Not getting enough sleep–Less than six hours of sleep per night can slow down your metabolism as well as lead to depression, both can lead to adding extra pounds.

5. Skipping breakfast–Ideally it is best to eat a healthy breakfast and then make your main meal lunch and your light meal dinner that way you have all day to burn the calories from your main meal rather than going to sleep right after.



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