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Implementing a raw food diet

How to Implement a Raw-Food Diet

As you hear more and more about the impact your eating has on your health and longevity, you may be considering a raw-food diet. While this lifestyle could be quite different from your usual fare, you might find that you thrive on eating mostly raw foods.

What exactly is a raw food diet? In general, it means eating only things that are in a completely natural state. This means foods that have not been processed or cooked. For some folks, this can even include raw meat, though many raw-food advocates do not eat meat, other than perhaps a little sushi.

These tips will help you make the conversion:

1. List acceptable foods that appeal to you. There are numerous books and websites available with lists of foods that conform to the principles of the diet. You’re likely to find a lot of foods you’ve never considered. Make a long list so you can provide yourself with a wide variety of foods and flavors!

2. Go shopping. Budgeting accurately may be challenging at first. While much of the food you’re likely to buy won’t be expensive, there will be a lot of it. Most raw foods don’t offer a lot of calories; you’ll be surprised how much you might need to eat.

• Avoid over-shopping, though; many of the foods won’t last as long as many processed foods.

3. Start slowly. If you’re not used to eating a lot of fruit, getting carried away might cause more than a little gastric upset. Introduce the raw foods slowly. Substitute a raw food item at each meal for something you didn’t typically eat raw. Continue adding foods over the course of a week or two, until you’re 100% raw.

4. Throw out your processed foods. One way to be almost certain to fall off the wagon is to have other food readily available. We all have moments of weakness, so prepare for yours. Friends, family, and food banks will likely take what you no longer want to eat.

• If you have others in the house who won’t be eating raw, at least try to get rid of the items you’ll find most tempting.

5. Take a good multivitamin. Certain nutrients may be unavailable with a raw vegan diet, and Vitamin B-12 is the classic example. Even if you’re not eating vegan and you usually scoff at manufactured supplements, talk to your doctor before you dismiss the idea.

6. Remember to get enough protein. Protein is another major nutrient you might lack if you’re not careful. Eating balanced meals is just as important as ever.

7. Keep adjusting until your diet is right for you. Assess how you feel. Are you losing weight? Are you losing too much weight? Are there other foods you’d like to try? Are there foods you’d like to eliminate?

8. Give raw foods at least 30 days. If you can go 30 days without cheating, you should have an excellent idea of whether or not a raw-food diet is something that you want to continue. Any foods eaten outside of the diet will tend to interfere with an accurate assessment.

If a raw-food lifestyle is something you want to try, give the above steps a shot. Changing dietary habits is frequently a challenge; our bodies and minds get used to certain foods. Expect some challenging times over your first 30 to 60 days.

However, keep in mind that medical data clearly indicates that our dietary choices have a huge impact on our health. Maybe a raw-food diet is the answer for you.

16 Instances Of Micro-Misogyny That Prove The Patriarchy Is Everywhere

Penises are not the same as authority, bro.

1. When guys call their ex-girlfriends “crazy.”


2. When waiters automatically give the check to the guy at the table.

16 Instances Of Micro-Misogyny That Prove The Patriarchy Is Everywhere

View this image › / Via 20th Television

3. When a dude suggests that we’ve reached equality in the workplace: Just look at all these women!

16 Instances Of Micro-Misogyny That Prove The Patriarchy Is Everywhere

View this image › / Via Done and Done

4. When you’re playing an outdoor game (bocce ball! shuffleboard!) with another woman and a dude comes over to tell you how to play “the right way.”


5. When a guy takes it upon himself to order dinner for you. “And she’ll have…”


6. Or when a server assumes that the man will taste the wine you ordered.


7. When a guy you’ve never met tells you to smile.


8. When guys assume you’re just bad at drinking games so they never want you on their team.

16 Instances Of Micro-Misogyny That Prove The Patriarchy Is Everywhere

View this image › / Via Warner Bros.

9. When a guy starts defending Woody Allen, R. Kelly, or Roman Polanski’s “artistry.”


10. When a man riding a bicycle pulls in front of you at a stop light because he assumes he must be a faster rider, even though he has only seen you on your bike at a full stop…and then you pass them immediately.


11. When a guy tells you you’re “overreacting.”


12. Or asks you, at any point, for any reason, if “it’s your time of the month.”


13. When a man INSISTS that all women MUST get off the elevator before him.

Talpa Media Holding


14. When a guy sits down next to you on the plane and automatically takes over the armrest.


15. When you’re the only girl in the weight room and a guy comes up to ask if you “know what you’re doing.”


16. And when a dude does THIS on the subway.

And when a dude does THIS on the subway.

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18 bébés qui découvrent la vie

1. Regarder des feux d’artifice pour la première fois :

2. Être trempé dans un bain beaucoup trop froid pour la première fois :

3. Se retrouver sous une pluie de bulles de savon pour la première fois :

4. Traverser un tunnel sombre pour la première fois :

5. Bavarder avec une marionnette pour la première fois :

6. Découvrir une nouvelle recette de cuisine dans un magazine pour la première fois :

7. Oublier comment se servir d’une fourchette pour la première fois :

8. Voir un cornet de glace pour la première fois :

9. Rencontrer un chiot pour la première fois :

10. Se faire lécher les pieds par un chat pour la première fois :

11. Regarder les feux d’artifice du Nouvel An pour la première fois :

12. Se loger dans une pastèque pour la première fois :

Il faut bien que ça arrive un jour ou l’autre.

13. « Boire » au tuyau d’arrosage pour la première fois :

14. Découvrir une vitrine pour la première fois :

15. Être obligé de sentir les pieds de quelqu’un pour la première fois :

16. Ouvrir un cadeau pour la première fois :

17. Goûter aux douces joies de la télévision pour la première fois :

18. Et, pour finir, goûter à un citron pour la première fois :

Vraiment très acide.

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‘Yay, feminism?’ Congrats, Cosmo, on your ‘hypocrites of the year award’!

Let’s hear it for Cosmo! The feminist crusaders know how important it is that women participate in the electoral process, so they’re doing their part to make it happen: