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Healthy Eating

Proper nutrition along with exercise is the key to a healthy life. I know how difficult it can be to follow a nutrition plan with the very busy lifestyles we all seem to have. I hope to offer some practical ways to eat healthy as well as share some nutrition information I have come across in my own quest to improve my own health. Eating healthy is crucial to staying well and feeling great but it is also very individual. Every diet or nutrition plan does not necessarily fit every person and may need to be customized based on one’s own physiological needs. It is always advisable to discuss the options with your family physician before starting any new health or exercise regime.

Workout Wisdom

How To Incorporate Yoga To Your HIIT Fitness Routine
As a fitness buff and a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) practitioner, incorporating yoga to your regular routine is truly one of the best ways to add more spice and variety to your practice. While most people think that yoga and HIIT are worlds apart, and incomparable, incorporating them can only lead to positive gains in your fitness and overall health.
Mixing up fitness routines prevents burnout. It also allows for the use of muscles that aren’t
often used in the usual HIIT routine. Plus, yoga helps build muscles in the upper body, thanks to its challenging strengthening poses. Continue reading Workout Wisdom