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Morning Guidelines: Simple Breakfast Rules Every Dieter Should Follow

We’ve all heard the experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs fuel to break your nighttime fast and give you energy to help you make it to lunch. However, your morning meal can lead to diet mayhem if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, you can avoid the common pitfalls if you know a few easy guidelines. Here are some simple breakfast rules every dieter should follow: Continue reading Weightloss Secrets

My mission

My mission is to provide up to date practical information in the areas of nutrition, weight loss and fitness based on my own personal research and experiences. I have worked in food service for over 30 years and I have studied health, human physiology and epidemiology. I have done a great deal of research in these fields not only as an academic but for personal reasons as well. I have helped many find a nutritional plan that works and I hope to share that information with my readers. My most current project is to find a workable diet and exercise plan for those with Hashimotos, I will be posting my findings (and results) soon. My personal goal is to get an indepth understanding of the low glycemic diet, as blood sugar levels have an affect on many systems.