Johnny Depp’s Engagement Ring Is So Incredibly Sparkly

By that, I mean his own personal engagement ring, not his fiancés. Although, hers is also sparkly. Video available at: Late Show with David Letterman /        

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15 Former Couch Potatoes Share Their Best Tips For Getting In Shape

15 Former Couch Potatoes Share Their Best Tips For Getting In Shape
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people who've definitely been there…

5 Simple Tips for Getting in Shape – What's Up, USANA?
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Getting Back in Shape: 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness
Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl, Jeff Galloway, Ed Burke, published 2006, 227 pages

The Nine Best Dance Videos From Egypt’s Elections

Many people chose not to vote in Egypt’s presidential election. Others chose to dance.

1. Men and women danced, using whatever they could for instruments.

Video available at:

2. Little kids did cute, little kid dances.

Video available at:

3. Egyptian newscasters, when they weren’t busy pleading with people to get out and vote, danced to Sisi’s unofficial campaign song.

Video available at:

4. Some showed off how serious they could shimmy.

5. Some took the dancing very seriously.

Video available at:

6. Some of the dancing even stopped street traffic.

Video available at:

7. People dressed up like the Egyptian flag to dance.

Video available at:

8. Or just floated around, wearing the Egyptian flag.

Video available at:

9. This lady really did her best to get the dance party started.

Facebook Post.

But even with all that dancing, officials said that voter turnout looked low. They’ve extended voting for a third day, and hopefully there will be more dancing. H/T CairoScene

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I’ve Seen Disturbing Before But What Was Just Discovered In A Sewer Is Horrifying. OMG.

Throughout history many dark and disturbing things have happened. Wars have ravaged cities, torn families apart and resulted in atrocities committed against innocent men, women and children. However, those dark times don’t make the more unknown tragedies less terrible. In a town in western Ireland called Tuam, a mass grave was recently found in someone’s septic tank. A sewer was filled with the remains of about 800 babies. The tank stood on a site that was a former home for “fallen women” and their illegitimate children. The Home, as it was called, was open between 1925 and 1961. More death than life passed through its doors.

The women who lived here were paying a penance of indentured servitude for their out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

Many eventually left the Home for work… their children weren’t so lucky.

At the time, unmarried pregnant women in Ireland were ostracized for societal and religious reasons.

Malnutrition and terrible neglect killed many of the children.

Others died of measles, convulsions, TB, gastroenteritis and pneumonia. The infant mortality at the Home was high.

Now, plans are being made for a memorial service for the children and the erection of a marker at the site of the mass grave. People online are also calling for a deeper investigation into this tragedy.

Source: Washington Post via BuzzFeed The mothers at the home lost all claims to their children. The Home Babies that actually survived past their 1st birthday would be ostracized by Irish society until they were adopted out, often to families in the United States. Unfortunately, a quarter of all babies born outside marriage in the 1930s in Ireland died before they were 12 months-old (according to Irish Central). What happened to those innocent children is a tragedy. Its horror will never lessen over time. Not only were those infants unwanted, neglected and died cruel deaths, but their bodies were simply discarded like trash. Honor those children by telling their story. Share this.

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Community Post: Photography Above The Clouds

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